Office Moving

Businesswoman in office with moving supplies - Local Moving Services in Pittsburg, PA
The Business of Office Moving
Running a business is difficult enough, moving one can be even harder. When businesses large and small need to relocate, they choose South Hills Movers. Innovative and efficient, there's no better way to ensure a smooth office move than with South Hills Movers.
Certified Office & Industrial Consultants
All of our office move consultants are Certified Office & Industrial Consultants (COIC) as endorsed by the American Moving & Storage Association. These consultants have successfully completed a training and exam-based program that is specifically designed to instruct them in the very latest office and industrial move processes and methods. In addition, each consultant is required to continue their education in this field so as to retain their certification. You receive highly skilled, educated consultation and advice to make sure that your business is up and running on schedule and on budget.
  • An on-site Project Manager - unique to the Pittsburgh market - will provide advance planning expertise, monitor manpower, control costs, handle changes, and make your move happen the way that you intended.
  • We conduct Move meetings and seminars at your place of business for all your
    employees including move training, packing and labeling instructions.
  • Member of Building Owners and Management Association
  • Accurate estimates and adherence to your budget.
  • Project Planning to manage coordination with other move-related vendors.
  • Color coded Floor Plans and facilities labeling to ensure a fully synchronized move schedule and efficient resource planning.
  • Supervisors, Drivers and Crews specifically trained & qualified for office & industrial moving.
  • Certified Office & Industrial Consultants
  • Specialized electronic equipment handling - SafePak® anti-static packing for computer equipment and other sensitive electronics.
  • Spider Crane® technology - specialized equipment that allows lateral file cabinets to be moved with the contents in them. We're the only mover in the region that has this new technology. Your files will never be more secure.
ProTech™ Building Protection - a unique method of preparing a building making it safe for removal and delivery of materials. We cover all your bases…as well as the floors…walls…doorways…elevators.
  • Specific Training in our office moving techniques and processes in our on-site Training Center.
  • Experienced in handling high value articles like priceless works of art or even more important network servers.
This is office moving by professionals, trained in our very own "simulated office" training center using specialty equipment that you can only find with South Hills Movers. Ask to see our impressive list of client references from companies (both large and small) that made another successful business move by choosing South Hills Movers to relocate their office.