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Same Team Service

Did You Know?

Did you know that most moving companies or van lines are made of "agents"? These agents are often individually owned and are operated separately from the van line. One agent may provide your estimate. However, another agent may actually be the one packing your belongings. Yet another agent may supply a driver who may then hire a different crew altogether to load your furniture onto the truck. And when you get to your new home, the driver may hire help from a completely different agent to unload your household goods. Finally, it's time to unpack and you guessed it! Once again, another different agent may pick out some new guys to unpack your precious belongings. Although you signed a contract with one moving company, you've had as many as 6 different crews working on your move.

Even worse, these crews may receive little or no training. Maybe they're not even career movers. They may not follow standardized guidelines for professionalism. And there's often no drug testing. It's very different at South Hills Movers.

South Hills Movers Exclusive Same Team Service™

What makes the difference in any move are the people doing the moving. With our exclusive Same Team Service™, you have one and only one team of professionals dedicated to your move. Your South Hills Movers team packs, loads, transports, unloads, and unpacks your belongings with consummate care. These moving professionals are full-time South Hills Movers employees. And because you work with the same professionals from South Hills Movers, the result is personal service, accountability, and unsurpassed attention to detail.

On-Site Training Center

Complete On-site Training Center - Our Movers Don't Practice with your Furniture.
It takes more than brute strength to be a good mover; it takes training and lots of it. South Hills Movers is dedicated to training our personnel because it is the best way to ensure the quality of the move. Good hands make for a good move without incident and that's what everyone wants from their move.

South Hills Movers maintains a complete on-site training center. It's a fully furnished 2-story home complete with bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, major appliances, even a piano. All employees must earn the title of moving professional by completing a thorough course in the training center, and will return for continuing education to stay current on the latest in moving techniques. Complete with a full time Director of Training, the South Hills Movers training center teaches the proper way to lift and move furniture and appliances into and out of rooms and on and off our trucks. This is real-world, hands-on training.

Award Winning Service

The Highest Level of Satisfaction for Our Customers
Based on post-move evaluations, South Hills Movers has an extremely high satisfaction rating of 98%. Why such a great rating? South Hills Movers has service performance statistics that are dramatically better than industry averages. That means we don't break stuff. In fact, South Hills Movers enjoys one of the lowest claim rates in the business.

• 3 Time recipient of the Excellent Supplier Award from PPG Industries.

• Winner of the Cartus Platinum, Gold and Silver medal awards.

• Highest Quality Designation from multiple federal government agencies

• #1 Service Ratings from our corporate clients.

It means your belongings are always treated like precious cargo. It means that we take the extra effort to ensure that your belongings arrive in the same condition that they left.
Worker Loading Cardboard Boxes in Truck - Moving Company in Pittsburg, PA

Protection Of Your Home & Belongings

ProTech™ Moving Protection system for Your Home and Contents
When you're moving, what you care about most is your belongings, and that's what South Hills Movers care about the most as well. In addition to the extra special care we take to protect your belongings, we also take care of your home. That includes both the home you're moving out of and the home you're moving into. We have developed special protection methods to prevent stains, scratches, dented walls, and dirty carpets. With ProTech Moving Protection you can relax.
  • Stretch wrapping furniture protects against soiling and keeps upholstered furniture safe.

  • Dry-cleaned moving blankets - South Hills Movers has its own dry-cleaning machine on-site to make sure our moving pads are clean before we move you, eliminating dust, dirt, even grease or anything that could damage the finish of your furniture and appliances.

  • Flooring and Carpeting protection - We protect carpet, ceramic tile, stone, marble, even linoleum for the moving process. Heavy-duty floor covering virtually eliminates unwanted damage to any floor or floor covering.

  • Padded doorways, walls, banisters, etc - The extra just in case. By protecting your home with specially designed padding for everything from the doorways to the banisters, even the walls, South Hills Movers leaves every home just as they found it.